• Practical Family Dentistry



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    7th Annual Brook Trout Dental Oktoberfest



  • Welcome to

    Brook Trout Dental

    What to Expect During Your First Visit


    At your first visit, our friendly staff will review your dental and medical history. You will receive a full oral exam, and we will take any necessary x-rays to help determine your needs.


    We understand that every patient has unique hopes and expectations, and with our assessment, our knowledgeable team will be able to make a recommendation to best suit your personal dentistry wishes.


    Getting to Know You


    We want to provide you with the dental care you deserve. Part of our initial assessment will involve learning more about your goals. Understanding what your goals are as well as any concerns you may have will help contribute to your personalized dental plan.


    Discussing Treatment Options


    You will also have an opportunity to discuss your options with me and our caring team and to ask any questions. Before your appointment is complete, you can discuss your availability with our receptionist who will provide you with your next conveniently scheduled appointment.

    Everybody loves our German Shepherd, Heidi.


    A Note to Current Patients

    We just want to express our appreciation for your loyalty to our practice. The confidence that you have shown in us, is the nicest compliment we can receive. Dr. Weinhandl would like to thank you sincerely for your continued support, and look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

    We accept kids of all ages, like Hank.

    But I do have my favorites, my goddaughter, Marlie.

    And my beautiful wife, Melody, of 25 years.

  • A New and Different

    Dental Experience



    My philosophy is to offer

    all options of treatment

    so you can make a well-informed decision

    based on your preferences.


    Our Mission


    Our mission statement is the

    same as the purpose of our

    lives, that being what

    Jesus said in






    which is the greatest

    commandment in the Law?'

    Jesus replied,


    'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.


    This is the first and greatest commandment.

    And the second is like it:


    Love your neighbor

    as yourself.'"


    NIV Bible


    I treat my patients as if I were in the dental chair, being treated and later paying for services at the appointment’s end.





    We live in Wyoming. Most of us love the outdoors, hot summer blue-sky days and the tremendous freedom of wide open spaces.


    We don't like pain

    or our freedoms taken away by

    unnecessary expenses, taxes or wasted time.


    At our office, we realize that most people needing dentistry are afraid of

    being hurt by painful procedures

    and high prices.



    I enjoy offering my patients

    practical, family dentistry that will


    1. relieve your pain,

    2. protect your pocket book,

    3. function for years and

    4. look fantastic.


    If you are seeking high-end esthetic dentistry,

    I will offer you all the options available.


  • Hi! I’m Dr. Brent Weinhandl


    My Story

    I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised on a an acreage in farming country 25 miles south. I returned to the city to be educated at the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude, in 1992. I graduated four years later with my Doctor of Dental Surgery diploma.


    I left for Denver in June, 1996 to begin my one year residency in General Practice at Denver Health Medical Center. It was an invaluable year of training and I had the great privilege to help relieve the suffering of many people in great pain.


    During that year, I met a gorgeous but modest Texas beauty queen one Sunday in church. I was instantly captivated. I proposed to her after two weeks just before Christmas and we were married five days after my residency ended, the day after Independence Day. I’ll never forget her singing “The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA” as we left the church in our F-150 pickup truck and drove off a few blocks before a massive thunderstorm hit.



    My Story, cont'd


    We returned to Alberta for five years where I had my first practice. I felt I had a duty to give back in service and taxes to the country which educated me. When I felt we were even, it was time to realize my dream of moving to the US, with the added bonus of being married to a beautiful American.












    America has adopted me and treats me as one of her own sons. After 19 years of living here, when I see the national flag flying around town at the post office or a school, my reaction still is to thank God for His goodness to me to allow me to live in a happy marriage in the land of my choosing, the great United States of America.





    Our Services


    General Dentistry



    Procedures at Brook Trout Dental


    Check Ups (with cleaning and X-rays)


    Dental Emergencies



    Silver & White


    Root Canals




    Periodontal Procedures


    Laughing Gas


    Night Grinding Guards


    Removable Partial Dentures


    Teeth Whitening



    Amalgam (Silver) and Composite (White)

    Root Canal Treatment

    Oral Surgery




    Children's dentistry


    First Visit for Children

    Pit & Fissure Sealants

    Dental bonding that prevents the accumulation of food deris



    Treatment of Receding Gums, Teeth Mobility, Bleeding Gums


    Laughing Gas or

    Nitrous Oxide


    To alleviate your anxiety


    Night Guards


    Bruxism Splints

    For grinders in pain






    Dentures retained by natural teeth






    The Star Spangled Banner


    Dr. Weinhandl's

    Favorite Song


    The Battle Hymn of the Republic



  • Why I Am Proud to be an American

    If you wonder why I left Alberta on February 9, 2003 to immigrate to this magnificent country and naturalize as a US citizen on September 17, 2007, here are a few reasons why:

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    Tuesday - Friday
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    Set Up Your Appointment Today


    Brook Trout Dental is proud to offer friendly and professional dental services. You and your family can enjoy a bright and beautiful smile with the help of our experienced dental team.


  • Directions to Brook Trout Dental

    909 East Collins Drive

    Casper, Wyoming 82601

    United States of America


    Tel: (307) 234-6671

    Fax:(307) 237-6061

    Email: brooktrout6671@gmail.com

  • My wife and I want to host an Oktoberfest this fall for all of my patients, including you and your family!


    We’ll have great BBQ sausage, potato salad (my mother’s recipe) and sauerkraut. The latter many people turn their noses up at BUT,

    you haven’t tasted my dear wife’s version. 


    I think you will be impressed. All of this is Melody’s and my treat to you, in a nice, warm indoor facility if the weather is poor that weekend.


    I know fall is a way off but we are trying to plan for how many pounds of sausage to purchase so please,


    RSVP early how many will be in your company.




    Please consider contributing 

    on the day of the party  to 


    Dr. Jared Bushman's 

    Spinal Cord Injury Laboratory 

    at the 

    University of Wyoming.

    For those who would like to contribute but can't attend, please send to our office

    a check payable to


    "University of WY Foundation"


    and on the memo line


    "Dr. Bushman Research"


    Please RSVP 

    the number attending in your party to:



    by September 27th