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Dr. Brent Weinhandl

Family Dentist

Hi! I’m Dr. Brent Weinhandl. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised on an acreage in farming country 25 miles south. I returned to the city to be educated at the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude, in 1992. I graduated four years later with my Doctor of Dental Surgery diploma. I left for Denver in June 1996 to begin my one-year residency in General Practice at Denver Health Medical Center. It was an invaluable year of training and I had the great privilege to help relieve the suffering of many people in great pain.

I was able to confidently carry the knowledge from my experience into my own practice, Brook Trout Dental, which opened in 2004.

Also in 1996, I met a gorgeous but modest Texas beauty queen one Sunday in church. I was instantly captivated. I proposed to her after two weeks just before Christmas and we were married five days after my residency ended, the day after Independence Day. I’ll never forget her singing “The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA” as we left the church in our F-150 pickup truck and drove off a few blocks before a massive thunderstorm hit.

We returned to Alberta for five years where I had my first practice. I felt I had a duty to give back in service and taxes to the country which educated me. When I felt we were even, it was time to realize my dream of moving to the US, with the added bonus of being married to a beautiful American. America has adopted me and treats me as one of her own sons. After 20 years of living here, when I see the national flag flying around town at the post office or a school, my reaction still is to thank God for His goodness to me to allow me to live in a happy marriage in the land of my choosing, the great United States of America.

Brook Trout Dental is proud to offer friendly and professional dental services. You and your family can enjoy a bright and beautiful smile with the help of our experienced dental team.

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