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Brook Trout Dental offers oral surgery treatments when needed to treat disease or trauma in the patient's mouth.
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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery at Brook Trout Dental involves the removal of teeth as needed, the repair or remodeling of bone of the jaws due to disease or trauma, and the repair of the mouth’s soft tissues due to trauma.

Although he is not an oral surgeon, Dr. Weinhandl does a great deal of oral surgery because he spent an additional year after dental school studying at Denver Health Medical Center in downtown Denver, CO. This is a Level 1 trauma center, and under the direction of oral surgeons, Dr. Weinhandl extracted tens of thousands of teeth and treated many emergency patients who had often experienced significant trauma (such as car accidents) or were experiencing severe dental infections with terrible purulent (pus) swellings.

Tooth Extractions

Oral surgery does not need to be scary. Dr. Weinhandl does not believe in trying to get a tooth out as fast as possible to the detriment of the patient. He takes time to first explain what needs to be done and how it will be done. He takes his time with the numbing to always be gentle, again explaining things in advance of what to expect. During the extraction, he offers the patient every chance to rest and catch your breath if you need a moment, and he will never continue if you are hurting.

If you need a tooth to be taken out, Dr. Weinhandl will be very caring and empathetic. We do not want to purposefully hurt people at Brook Trout Dental, and we will do our best to help you with your extraction in the kindest manner.

Other Oral Surgery Treatments

In addition to tooth extractions, we often will treat patients who have painful swellings that are filled with pus and need to be drained.

If a patient has been hit in the face where teeth have been displaced or avulsed, Dr. Weinhandl is proficient in splinting teeth into place so they will heal, as well as suturing gums or other soft tissues of the mouth that may have been injured, such as a split lip or cut tongue.

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